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The lemon is the ingredient main morning shots that promise to detoxify the body and improve the functioning of the organs. Outside the kitchen , there are thousands of cosmetics that take advantage of the citrus scent to bring benefits to the skin. "Lemon is rich in vitamin C and citric acid, so it has the power to lighten and enhance the appearance of the skin , since alpha hydroxy acids stimulate cell renewal," explains Ana Carolina Suman, a dermatologist who Rio de Janeiro.

But attention: the contact of the fruit with the sun can cause burns. When applying the products, be aware of the safety of exposure to light. In addition, all skin contact should be rinsed and rinsed. "An alert to anyone with any skin type is the fact that the lemon can lead to burns when in contact with ultraviolet radiation," said the expert.

She is also attentive to sensitive skin that should avoid the topical use of citrus. To prevent any type of sunburn, it is strictly necessary to apply sunscreen after removing all debris. To find out if your skin tolerates fruit acids, test in small areas and consult a physician.

Even with such primordial care, one can gain benefits from the topical use of lemon juice. Among the components of the fruit, the following stand out:

1. Vitamin C

It is a potent antioxidant, responsible for neutralizing the action of free radicals that participate in the aging process of the skin. Not to mention that the micronutrient participates in the production of collagen, which gives elasticity and vigor to the largest organ of the body. "That's why we can indicate the lemon for bleaching blemishes and improving the texture of the skin," says the dermatologist.

2. Citric acid

It is a type of alpha hydroxy acid, compound widely used in cosmetic formulas. It is astringent, which helps in cleansing the face. According to Ana Carolina, citric acid also contributes to the antibacterial action, which assists in the treatment of acne and blackheads.

3. Homemade Recipes

There are a number of cosmetics that take both compounds to treat the skin. But vitamin C, for example, is very volatile, which hampers the effect of these products. To guarantee freshness, Ana Carolina recipe a homemade mixer with coconut water. Just drip a few drops of lemon. "It can go all over the face for a clearer, brighter skin and also to help diminish the blackheads," he says.

For more sectorized treatments, it is possible to apply the recipe only in regions with greater oiliness and presence of cutaneous protuberances, such as zone T. Moreover, the dermatologist recommends a recipe of natural exfoliant, which carries brown sugar and lemon drops, forming a folder. "The patient can not go out without washing the entire surface of the skin and applied sunscreen," the doctor says. "Massage the areas with tendencies to blackheads smoothly, but this has to be completely removed. When using, make sure windows or curtains are closed to eliminate any possibility of burns.

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